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Tracey Adams

Tracey Adams
Tracey Adams
12x9.25 P.B.

Description - Art and music have always played huge roles in my life. I studied piano for many years, then earned my advanced degrees in composition and conducting, while simultaneously enrolling in drawing and painting classes. In 1992, I arrived at a critical moment when I had to decide whether to devote all my time to music or to art. Art won. More...

A Considerable Study
Nelson H. Basel
10.5x8.75 P.B. 108 pgs.

Description - A Considerable Study is an extensive program of, and about, keyboard music and song. A twenty-five year work of Nelson H. Basel, it sets forth the greatness of classical music. More...


People, Places and Things
Robert Bedoar & Douglas Whitfield
8.5 x 8.5 P.B. 96pgs.
gallery website

Description - My current drawings are actually an offshoot of a discovery I made while Senior Art Director at Eastman Kodak. I inadvertently discovered a small amount of white blotting paper and took it to my drawing board and began to test the line delineation with my black India ink, double "0" Rapidograph pen. What I found was a wonderful world of line and clarity that I had never experienced before. More...


Suhas Bhujbal
8.5 x 11 P.B. 20pgs.
artist website
gallery website

Description - Suhas's work begin with cityscapes. With thickly encrusted paint as well as transparent glazes, Suhas subtracts the architectural forms in his own, very unique way. More...


Bay Area Figurative
Bolinas Museum
8.25 x 10.5 P.B. 60pgs.
museum website

Description - The way light falls over our beautiful Bay Area, how our seeing distorts scale and perspective, and the way the human body carries emotions were painted with the dynamic techniques of abstraction. These bold methods, when applied to natural forms, reinvigorated painting, which became wonderfully accessible. The work has a sense of place and is highly evocative of Northern California light and color. More...


Theophilus Brown
8.25x10 P.B. 58pgs.

Description - William Theophilus Brown is an artist born of greatness whose life has been marked by travel and adventure, hard work, dedication, individual perseverance and resilience — and whose artistic accomplishments have ensured his place in the history of art. More...

Present History-Stacey Carter

Present History
Stacey M. Carter
17.64 x 7.25 P.B. 68pgs.
Limited edition - 500
signed and numbered

Description - Besides architecture, there are other elements in my work that tell time: cars, clothing of pedestrians, street signs, lights and traffic. All of this is part of modern society --- what documentary is made of. The color in the pieces evokes a sense of things past. My work is an attempt to depict familiarity with a play on time; to recognize a place, but to wonder as to what is really seen. More...

Robert Colescott

Troubled Goods
Robert Colescott
11x8.5 P.B.

Description - In this exhibition’s reunion of paintings that speak of the vigor and sheer abundance of Robert Colescott’s work of the last decade one feels compelled to look at his oeuvre through the lens of the last ten momentous years. More...

Exit 101

Exit 101
works since 2000

Mitchel Confer
8 x 10 P.B. 98pgs.
artist website

Description - In viewing Confer's work, one is sometimes reminded of a Duchamp or a Johns—not because of any noticeable stylistic similarities. Rather, the parallel is in Confer's ability to take a commonplace item and make it noticeable, urging the viewer to really study it. And yet the objects in his art convey no underlying meaning. They are not obviously symbolic. They have no totemic significance. In short, his works are not created to make a statement, and in a sense do not really mean anything– any more than a Bach fugue or a Haydn string quartet impart some underlying message. More...

Courtesans and Kings

Courtesans and Kings
Robert J. Del Bonta
8.5x11 P.B. 80pgs.

Description - It is with great pleasure and conviction that I introduce to you our first catalogue. It embodies a collection of paintings, each carefully selected to offer our clients a range of styles and color palettes. To say that the works presented here convey just one thing or another is extremely narrow. Whether one painting is a depiction of a noble or another the visual narrative of a literary work, they all seem to share in providing a visual feast, often evoking an emotional response. More...

This Quintessence of Dust

This Quintessence of Dust
By John V. Falconieri
6 x 9 P.B. 96pgs.

Description -
and Evolutionism
A solution to the dispute between creationists and evolutionists that includes an analysis of pertinent religious beliefs and scientific hypotheses about the origin of the universe, of life and of man. Showing how they converge so that a rapprochement between the two sides is possible.

Silk Diary
Natasha Foucault & Jeanne-Michele Salander
8.5x10 P.B. 190pgs.


Description - Silk Diary is the story of Natasha's travels, loves, and adventures - a series of escapades most armchair travelers only dream of. More...

Sherie Franssen

Driving Into the Ocean
Sherie Franssen
8.375x11 P.B.

artist website
gallery website

Description - Franssen approaches each new painting looking for trouble. She has no notion of the finished composition. Applying her pigments in broad strokes to vast canvases, she works ten hours at a stretch, often covering the same surface fifty or one hundred times over a period of weeks. More...

Kim Frohsin

Two Minutes and Counting
By Kim Frohsin
8.5 x 11 P.B. 250pgs.

Description - Some artists we admire for their formal skill, and others for their quicksilver spontaneity. But there's a third, rarer type as well. I mean the artist for whom mastery and intuition are inseparable, fused. Kim Frohsin is this kind of artist. Her work reveals a gorgeous braiding of form and process. Drawing from the model, she captures a range of emotions as they uncoil their way through the body, seeking expression in the resulting gestures. More...

Figures with Edges

Figures with Edges, 2007-2008
Kim Frohsin
8.5x11 P.B. 110pgs.

Description - The work in Kim Frohsin's, "FIGURES WITH EDGES", sears itself into being. Few contemporary painters manage Frohsin's sheer vivacity of color and form. And her talent extends beyond formal skill: although she doesn't paint overt narrative, much less illustrate her subjects, she always reveals a deep compassion for the expressive force of the body. The gestures that her figures strike are the results of intense emotions. More...


Garrigues II
Ron Garrigues
8x10 P.B. 84pgs.

Description - Ron Garrigues' drawings honor the memory of Hokusai. More...

Garrigues III
Ronald Garrigues
8x10 P.B. 74 pgs.
artist website

Description - Ron Garrigues' etchings reflect on the Big Bang. More...

Deborah Gilson

And Then There Was One
By Deborah Gilson
5.25 x 7 P.B. 86pgs.

Description - Chronologically written true stories containing insightful life lessons, from first hand experience.
I began story writing at age seven, in 1967. I would sit my mother down at her typewriter. She would dutifully click away at the keys while I stood beside her, dictating my latest masterpiece. I believed I contained important information to convey; my mother obliged with admiration.


Deborah Gilson
5.5x7 P.B.

Description - No Bull! These 20 true, hair-raising stories are as great as Shiloh, the bull. Get charged up about Saint Bernards, a young boy, his mother, goats, sheep, ghosts, a cat, alpacas, angels, chickens, grown-ups, a pig, cows, horses and many more eye-popping tails. More...

Cultivated Confidence

Cultivated Confidence
Deborah Gilson
5.5x7 P.B.

Description - Neil Diamond said, "I remember reading somewhere a long time ago; if you want to really write meaningful music, you had only to dig into your own experiences in your own life to find something you felt passionate about." I discovered this in writing my personal stories. More...

Philip Hall Images

Philip Hall Images
By Philip Hall
8.5 x 11 P.B. 60pgs.
for more info, click on:
artist website

Description -While Philip Hall's compositions share some of the qualities of conventional photographs, they have much more in common with canvases produced using pigments and brushes, each detail painstakingly applied by hand. More...

Bruce Hasson

Bruce Hasson
Bruce Hasson
8x10 P.B. 76pgs.

Description - A sense of continuity, a connection to ancient and Renaissance art as well as to the modernist tradition appears in the art of Bruce Hasson. His first teachers in college were Maurice Lapp and James Rosen... More...

Lunch with the Doctor ™
Cheryl Lea Hogan, M.A.
4.5x6 white wire-o 92 pgs.

Description - The writing of this book has been a life's work in studying food science, and combining it with a master’s degree in psychology, and the art of photography. More...

Divine Visions

Divine Visions, Wordly Lovers
Barbara Janeff and Robert J. Del Bonta
8.75x10 P.B. 72pgs

Description - The Janeff collection of Indian paintings highlights many appealing styles and trends found in Indian art. From the very earliest times a range of stylistic possibilities was open to the Indian painter. Many features continue to be found throughout the entire history of Indian painting. The Indian artist constantly plays with various approached – conflicting ones such as realism and abstraction – and often within a single work. More...


Looking Back
Kathmandu to Everest
Lloyd Johnson
9 x 12 P.B. 228pgs.

Description - I undertook this adventure to Nepal, this trek from Kathmandu to Mt. Everest, not as a conqueror of mountains, but rather to create a photographic journal of the people, their culture, and their natural environment.

The year was 1973, to travel beyond the confines of the city of Kathmandu was to step back in time. The three week trek was entirely without electricity, indoor plumbing, telephones, guesthouses or hotels. I passed few fellow travelers and saw fewer cameras. More...

Kathryn Kain

Kathryn Kain
Harvesting Myths: The Art of Kathryn Kain
8.5x11 P.B.
artist website

Description - The underpinning of Kain's art is based on her consummate skill as a master printer of graphics and her preternatural energy that she applies to all aspects of her life, from creating art to dancing and inline roller skating. More...

Exhibition at the Barn

Exhibition at the Barn
John Kent
8.5x8.5 P.B. 56pgs.

Description - "It's a wild glorious morning. Maddeningly beautiful… I ought to be skying," wrote American photographer Alfred Stieglitz in 1923 describing his desires during the time of producing Equivalents, his great series of abstract cloud images. More...

Lines Unlimited Vol. 1

Lines Unlimited
Volume 1
Peter Kimack
8.75x11 P.B. 53pgs.

Description - This "Coloring Book for all Ages" embodies the creative spirit of San Francisco artist Peter Kimack, whose mind-bending illustrations stretch the imagination far beyond recognition. More...

Lost and Misplaced

Lines Unlimited
Volume 2 -
Lost & Misplaced
Peter Kimack
8.75x11 P.B. 41pgs.

Description - San Francisco artist Peter Kimack has done it again, but this time with a slight twist. At first glance, his second edition of Lines Unlimited, entitled Lost and Misplaced, closely resembles the first edition. However, a closer look reveals... More...

art of the game

Art of the game
the art of baseball

George Krevsky Gallery
8.5 x 10.75 P.B. 96pgs.


Description - We invite you to be a designated hitter...to step into the batter's box in the world of art and to visit our seventh annual baseball exhibition in the following pages. View the magic and color that 44 artists from across the country produced in different media...paintings, drawings, prints, photography, ceramics, quilts, and sculpture... More...

The Art of Baseball

More Than a Game
The Art of Baseball

George Krevsky Gallery
8.5 x 11 P.B. 88pgs.

Description - It was sometime after World War II when I fell in love with the game. It was in a schoolyard in Pennsylvania where my friend Gerry and I played endless games of wallball. His hero, Ted Williams, invariably would break my heart as he cleared the bases with a double or homer against Connie Mack's hapless Philadelphia A's. More...

12th Annual

12th Annual Exhibition: The Art of Baseball
George Krevsky Gallery
8.5x11 P.B.

Description - These artists love this grand old game too. You can't help but feel their energy as they express that passion on canvas, on paper, in wood, or in bronze. More...

Top of the 9th
George Krevsky Gallery
8.5x11 P.B.

Description - Baseball evokes memories of my youth that no other sport can. Every time I walk into a ballpark, in my mind, I feel like a 12-year-old, though my body sends an entirely different message. More...

jack levine

America's Living Master
Jack Levine
George Krevsky Gallery
8.75 x 11.5 P.B. 44pgs.

Description - Jack Levine was born in Boston in 1915. Early renderings of his tough, immigrant South End neighborhood drew the attention of his teachers at the Boston Museum of Fine Art. His talent inspired Dr. Denman Ross of Harvard University to offer tutelage, studio space and weekly stipends to help nurture his development. More...

Richard Lindner

Richard Lindner
Richard Lindner
7.75x11 P.B.
gallery website

Description - Richard Lindner's art was - and is - appreciated, but it does not fit into any Modernist or Postmodernist "slot." No one painted like Lindner. He was erroneously called a precursor to Pop Art, but his heraldic symbols of New York, his paintings of pimps and armored women, were cultural commentaries far removed from Pop’s bland images. More...


Judy Molyneux
8.75x11.5 P.B. 144pgs.

Description - Judy Molyneux is an artist who clearly defies description. She has lived, worked, and been inspired by Bolinas, California, the beautiful seaside town in Marin County which has informed her work so intensely. More...

Siddharth Parasnin

New Paintings
Siddharth Parasnis
9.25x8 P.B.
artist website

Description - Much has been written about Siddharth Parasnis at various turning points and milestones throughout his career as an artist. Yet few words could be said that would truly replace the powerful, immediate, and personal impression his lush canvasses make on the viewer. More...

Breaking Free
Dale Polissar
6x9 P.B. 84 pgs.

Description - This is a story, in poems, of the transformation that so many of us went through in the late sixties and early seventies. Vividly, the poems recount a lot of the sixties experience — from "Acid at Noon" through Viet Nam protest, from sexual odyssey through spiritual awakening. More...

print it now

digital printing for short-run books

Prepress Assembly
8.5 x 8.5 P.B. 58pgs.
prepress website

Description - Books bring an idea to life. The ease of using digital color printing to produce short-run books has greatly increased the number of potential authors and subject matter they can present in a book. While conventional book publishing is still a major commitment, creatingshort-run books, now opens up countless opportunities for everyone. More...

Glenna Putt - Autobiography

By Glenna Putt
8 x 10 P.B. 74pgs.

Description - "Glenna Putt paints her life as she lives it. In this collection of paintings, called "Autobiography", she gives us glimpses into her home, her travels, her family and the mystery that makes up the life of the artist. From the vistas out of her studio on San Francisco's Potrero Hill, to the teeming streets of Havana, the lush green parks in London, beloved pets and interiors of her art filled home, and flowers - oh the flowers - that spring to life in a way that gives new meaning to the phrase "still life"... More...

Age of Nepotism

The Age of Nepotism
Vahid Razavi
11x11.5 P.B.

Description - This book is a profound statement about similarities that connect what at first seems impossible to even consider as similar. It explores consequences of narrow-mindedness, ignorance and closing eyes in the face of conflicts. More...

Romantic Malaise - Anna Romero

Romantic Malaise
Anna Romero
5x8 P.B.

Description -
"Even geeks can fall in love, or at least think about it."

Romantic Malaise takes you along Sofia's love odyssey as she meticulously ponders the intricacies of a simple yet powerful emotion called love.

In the Moment

In the Moment
By Randall C. Sexton
8 x 10 P.B. 130pgs.

Description - My paintings are a direct response from the world around me as I strive to be "in the moment" while I work. Each painting is a simple sentence in an ongoing story that will take a lifetime to unfold...much like a visual diary...
I have started a series of still-lifes based on old toys and musical instruments. A regional Soap Car Derby race became the focus for another series. More...

Havanna and Back

Havana and Back
Randall C. Sexton
8 x 10 P.B. 126pgs.
artist website

Description - Following a brief exploration of abstract and abstract-expressionist art, and soon after his arrival in California, Sexton became known as a talented and admired painter of plein-air landscapes, cityscapes and figures. Yet he also creates still lifes, florals and portraits of extraordinary beauty and strength. This remarkable versatility shows him as a seriously dedicated painter, who strives to stretch boundaries whenever he can. More...


Walter Swarthout
7 x 9 P.B. 68pgs.
artist website

Description - Walter Swarthout has been a photographer for the commercial advertising world for over twenty-five years. His images have been published in nearly every printed medium. He has worked for most major advertising agencies in the country, using traditional film. With the advent of computer technology, Walter has embraced the world of pixography (digital pictures). He has never been more passionate about taking pictures using this technology which has allowed him total control of his images from beginning to the end. More...

Quiet People

Quiet People
Ryoko Tajiri
8.5x10 P.B. 54pgs.
artist website

Description - Ryoko Tajiri is at the beginning of her career as a fine artist, but she has already mastered techniques that it takes other artists years to achieve. Her mixed media layering style transforms her images from what have might been the ordinary into extraordinary dimensional windows of color and space. More...


Paintings from the Organic Composition Series
Dieter Tremp
8.75 x 10.5 P.B. 106pgs.

Description - The human figure is one of the classical topics of art. Its relevance has remained acute and personal throughout and beyond the tides of dominant taste. Indeed, it appears that fascination with the figure finds its source somewhere beyond art in the darker recesses of human instinct, in our own origin as a social animal. More...

Henry Villierme

Bay Area Figurative
Henry Villierme
7.75 x 10.5 P.B. 74pgs.
gallery website

Description - In the eyes of the art world, Henry Villierme's story looks like this: It's 1957. A talented young artist comes onto the scene in the San Francisco Bay Area and gains attention as part of an important invitational show at the Oakland Art Museum. At about the same time he takes first prize in painting at an exhibition in Richmond, California – with honorable mentions going to future greats Richard Diebenkorn, Nathan Oliveira and David Park. More...

Women in Marin

Women Artists in Marin: Five Decades
Various Artists
8.5x8.5 P.B.

Description - Through the impetus of one woman, Rachel Norman, Five Decades of Women’s Art presents a collective statement, through a variety of artistic terms, about the efficacy of women in their visual expression. More...

Love of Stone

Love of the Stone
Ruth Wall
8.5x11 P.B. 205pgs.

Description - I met Ruth Wall in 1984. She had read about the opening of my art resale gallery and traveled by bus and train from her San Francisco apartment to the gallery's inaugural location in Berkeley, California. She came up my stairs, newspaper clipping in one hand and a string bag in the other. More...


Esther Hunt:
A Collector's Guide

By Donna R. Yick
8 x 10 P.B. 134pgs.
Donna Yick email

Description - It is to be hoped that, with this book, the art world will take a closer look at this obscure artist and elevate her to a place of prominence where she belongs. More...

- Edan Milton Hughes


Machines of Memory
Joseph Zirker
8.5x11 P.B. 48pgs.

Description - Joseph Zirker, NA is the recipient of a 2004 Pollock-Krasner award and an elected member of the National Academy of Design. He is known worldwide as an innovator in monotype and printmaking. His works are represented in private and public collections, both in the USA and abroad. More...