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Deborah Gilson

And Then There Was One
Deborah Gilson
5.25 x 7" P.B. 86pgs.

Chronologically written true stories containing insightful life lessons, from first hand experience.

I began story writing at age seven, in 1967. I would sit my mother down at her typewriter. She would dutifully click away at the keys while I stood beside her, dictating my latest masterpiece. I believed I contained important information to convey; my mother obliged with admiration. In August of 2000, at the urging of my aunt Shirlee Herald, I turned on my computer and began writing again. If I am able to relay a beneficial message, I will end my days with no regrets.

Having learned the connection between mind, body and spirit, I know in order to heal; the nutritional and emotional sides of any illness must be addressed and acted upon. Too, the mind and heart need to be in agreement so the individual may move forward and out of trauma. To confront our dis-ease(s) and make the necessary changes our body demands is the choice of the courageous.

-Deborah Gilson